Best Smallest Electric Fireplaces 2022 (Expert Guide)

In this guide we take a look at the best smallest electric fireplaces 2020 that can comfortably warm up a small room when it’s very cold or chilly outside.

There are a number of products that have been designed and built to keep you warm and comfortable during those chilly and cold winter months. Fireplaces have become very popular these days because they not only help to keep you warm during the cold winter season, but they are also very visually appealing and attractive which adds more decoration to your home’s decor.

So even though electric fireplaces are a bit expensive, what you get from them is a combination of performance, reliability, durability and of course beautiful aesthetics that will go well with your home’s decor. So without wasting more time, here are our top picks as far as smallest electric fireplaces are concerned.

Best Smallest Electric Fireplaces 2020

1.Electric Fireplace by Alcott Hill

Alcott Hill’s electric fireplaces are consistent with the brand’s overall aesthetic that mixes modern tastes and trends with traditional Americana design. These fireplaces are clean, elegant, and inviting with minimal design so they match with a variety of styles and color schemes. They look nearly identical to a real fireplace but they are less of a hassle than a wood-burning fireplace and less hazardous than a gas-powered one.

Electric fireplaces are usually free-standing as well so they can often be moved around whenever it becomes necessary.

Features and Specs

This Alcott Hill electric fireplace measures 40.25” H x 44.5” W x 14.5” D so it’s a good size for small to medium-sized rooms. Most of what you will see is made out of wood but the fire pit itself is made out of metal and glass. With crown moldings and a floral motif, it can make an excellent centerpiece for the right room. Other features include:

  • Adjustable flame
  • Flame without heat setting
  • Flickering flame effect
  • Safety stop
  • Thermal overload protection

What’s Included?

There is some light assembly required with the electric fireplace and while inclusions may vary, you can generally expect the following:

  • Fireplace remote
  • Mantel and firebox
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Shelving units
  • Light bulb

However, this unit does require batteries at least for the thermostat and batteries are often not included. There is also no blower on the unit so you can’t blow heat throughout the room.

Heating Capacity

The Alcott Hill electric fireplace uses 12.5 amps and with a heating capacity of 5000 BTUs, it can efficiently warm rooms up to 400 square feet. However, without a blower, bigger rooms may take longer to warm up.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are great if you don’t want to hook up a gas line or deal with gathering wood and tending to a fire but their quality will vary from brand to brand. The Alcott Hill fireplace receives mostly positive reviews on major sites but there are a few downfalls.


  • The shelving units allow you to decorate and store items on the fireplace.
  • It integrates well into most rooms.
  • Free-standing means that it can be moved around.
  • It would also work as a TV stand.
  • The safety feature prevents overheating.
  • It looks realistic and keeps your room comfortable.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Some people report low-quality materials.
  • There is no blower or batteries.
  • Assembly is required.

Overall, the Alcott Hill fireplace can be a great addition to your living room or wherever you do most of your sitting. However, it is bulky so if you are looking for something a bit more minimal, this may not be a good choice.


The Alcott Hill fireplace will cost you just over $600 and as far as electric fireplaces go, that’s slightly below average. You also have to add in the cost of the shelving units and keep in mind that not every fireplace will have shelving units. Luckily, you’d be able to finance the fireplace or make multiple payments so that you don’t have to spend so much in one place.

2.Contreras Electric Fireplace

The Contreras electric fireplace is a part of Alcott Hill’s product line and, similar to other Alcott Hill products, the Contreras fireplace heats the room through infrared technology. This means that there is a coil wrapped around an infrared bulb that heats up and reflects warm light into the room. Oftentimes, this method offers greater efficiency and better heating.

This fireplace in particular is a free-standing piece of furniture with dark colors that can complement a variety of rooms while mimicking the look of an actual fireplace.

Features and Specs

The fireplace is about 40 inches tall and 45 inches wide so it serves as more than just a fireplace. The mantle can be used as a TV stand or a place for decorations. While this unit doesn’t come with side shelves, you could easily purchase a pair of shelves to place on either side. This unit does feature a stone design but it is faux stone.

There is a fully electric fireplace so it can be moved whenever you want to rearrange and some of the other specs include:

  • 5 amps
  • 5200 BTUs
  • Adjustable flame
  • Safety stop feature
  • Flame operational without heat
  • One-year product warranty
  • 3D flame

What’s Included?

While this unit does not come with shelving units, it does come with a blower and this is something that you won’t find with other Alcott Hill products. Batteries are also included with this unit and other things that will come with your fireplace include:

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Screen
  • Firebox
  • Fireplace remote
  • Mantel

Heating Capacity

The Contreras fireplace has a heating capacity of 5200 BTUs, which is slightly larger than some of Alcott Hill’s other products, though the coverage area for this unit is considerably lower than others at 150 square feet. While it may not be as effective in larger rooms, it would be perfect for smaller, more intimate rooms. With the adjustable flame, you can set the mood for any occasion.

Pros and Cons

Whether or not this is the best option will depend on what you are looking for. The Contreras fireplace functions the same as any other electric fireplace but its design is less neutral and may not match with as many rooms.


  • The infrared technology provides efficient heating.
  • It comes with a blower and a screen.
  • It can be an excellent feature for the right room.
  • Overload protection prevents hazards.
  • The mantel can be a shelf or TV stand.
  • It is a stand-alone unit that can be moved anywhere with an outlet.


  • There are no shelving units attached.
  • It has a small heater box.
  • There is less coverage.
  • Assembly is required.
  • With the blower, it could be noisy.


The price for this unit is just over $500, which is below average for an electric fireplace, but you’d still be able to finance it or pay in sections if you need to. The price is mostly justified by the fact that this unit serves as more than just a fireplace. For small rooms, it can be a dominant feature and you will be able to decorate it or even make it the centerpiece of the entire room.

3.Lauderhill Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

The Lauderhill wall-mounted fireplace is a compact, electric unit with somewhat of a minimalistic design. Given that it’s electric, there is no need for a chimney and the unit will mount on your wall similarly to a flat-screen TV. In fact, with the neutral solid-colored frame and the glass front, the unit sort of resembles a flat-screen TV as well. You can choose between a black or a white finish; either way, it’s sleek, modern, and, for the right room, stylish.

As a wall-mounted unit, there is no mantle so if you are looking for a more traditional type of fireplace that you can decorate, you would have to find something else.

The Important Features

The unit is a large rectangle at 50.4” wide and just 21.6” tall and it will stick out from the wall about six inches. The faux fireplace sits in the center and the outside is glass, which means that you might need to clean it every once in a while.

Other features include:

  • Adjustable brightness
  • Flickering flame effect
  • Operational without heat
  • Safety stop and overload protection

What’s Included?

With this unit, you are also getting all of the following:

  • Blower
  • Firebox
  • Remote control
  • Timer

Again, there is no mantle, which also means that there is no assembly required. You will just need to mount the unit on the wall as it is but how you do this might depend on the material on which you mount it.

Use it Indoors or Outdoors

Another positive thing is that you’ll be able to mount this unit either indoors or outdoors. While it can work perfectly for a bedroom or a hangout room, it might also work well for an outdoor patio area, especially one that is enclosed.

Heating Capacity

Even though it’s different from other electric fireplaces, it still produces heat. With 11 amps and 5118 BTUs, you’ll be able to efficiently heat spaces of around 150 square feet. Unless you are using it primarily for looks, you would want to use it in a relatively small room so that it actually heats the area without running constantly.

Pros and Cons of the Lauderhill Unit

As a sleek wall-mounted unit, its style is a little more specific and may not suit every home. However, it’s also a space saver and won’t dominate the room in the way that stand-alone units do.


  • Saves floor space
  • Is sleek and modern
  • Prevents hazards
  • Has adjustable flames and heat
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors
  • Offers realistic flame


  • Comes with no mantle or opportunities for decoration
  • Has small mounting mechanism
  • Sticks out from the wall several inches
  • May take a while to heat a room


If you are convinced that you want a wall-mounted fireplace instead of a stand-alone unit, you may like the Lauderhill fireplace. It has a neutral design so you don’t have to worry too much about matching and it’s great if you are trying to achieve a modern look. However, if your home is more traditional, the styles may clash.

4.Banning Traditional Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert

If you love the look and feel of a fireplace, but aren’t interested in having a live fire in your home, an electric fireplace insert is for you. The Banning wall mounted electric fireplace insert heats an area up to 400 square feet and is a great alternative to gas and wood fireplaces. Its 36-inch size makes it perfect even for fireplaces flushed against the wall, and its tempered glass panel makes it look exactly like a real fireplace. It also comes with a 4400 BTU heater that produces just the right amount of heat for the area you want to make comfortable.

The Banning electric fireplace insert also comes with on screen indicator lights that show both the flame and heater effect settings. It can be used all year long either with or without heat.

Main Advantages

The main advantages of the Banning wall mounted electric fireplace insert include:

  • The flame effect consists of five separate brightness settings
  • It is safe to use around pets and children
  • It comes with a log set and a glowing ember bed that pulsates and looks like a real fire
  • It is eco-friendly because it emits no dangerous byproducts
  • You can use the insert with or without the heat function
  • It comes with easy installation instructions and an owner’s manual
  • Its timer allows you to set how long you wish to use it before it automatically shuts off

In addition, there is no assembly required for the insert, and it is a very attractive addition to any living room or bedroom.

It’s All Set to Go

One of the many reasons the Banning electric fireplace insert is so popular is that it comes with everything you need to get it set up, including the screen, firebox, and an adjustable thermostat. You can enjoy relaxing evenings a lot more often once your insert is installed, and it is so attractive that you’ll want to use it without the heat even in the middle of summer. Despite its low price, it has an elegant and upscale look and heats most living areas and bedrooms without a problem. The hand-held controller makes changing the functions a lot easier, and it comes with an LED bulb that saves energy and lasts a long time.

What Users Say About it

Some of the comments made by real-life purchasers include:

  • Its size exceeds expectations
  • Its logs look very much like real logs
  • It comes with everything needed to install and operate it
  • It is a great alternative to other types of fireplaces
  • It is very simple to install

There are, however, some concerns cited with the product, which include:

  • It sometimes makes loud noises
  • It usually requires an expert to install
  • It will blow right on your face if it’s installed in the wall and you get too close

Some Final Thoughts

The Banning traditional wall mounted electric fireplace insert is a high quality, reasonably priced product that looks like a real fireplace and does a great job in heating up most rooms. It comes with an excellent warranty and is perfect for both apartment dwellers and homeowners alike, making it a smart purchase for many people.

Electric Fireplaces Buying Guide

In the cold depths of winter, many people enjoy being able to bundle themselves up at home where the heat is on high, the blankets are piled, and there is absolutely no snow in the house. There are many different ways that you can go about keeping yourself warm and comfortable. Some people enjoy bundling themselves up in large, thick blankets whereas other people might enjoy sitting by the fire. No matter how you enjoy warming yourself up in the dead of winter, you will surely find a way that suits you.

Millions of people enjoy being able to sit by a fireplace, which is why they often get fireplaces installed in their homes. However, you might not know which type of fireplace is best suited to your house. Should you get a traditional fireplace where you can feed wood in and cook marshmallows over the open flame? Or should you save some space and reduce hazards by having an electric fireplace installed? These are all things that you have to think about when you choose to invest in a fireplace of some sort.

With all of this being said, many people find that electric fireplaces tend to be some of the most popular ones to get. Not only do you not have to worry about the risk of having an open flame in your home but you also don’t have to stress over trying to get a traditional fire started. Instead, you can turn the electric fireplace on, sit down, and enjoy the heat that comes from it. Once you have decided that an electric fireplace is something you want to invest in, you will then need to think about what the important features are. After all, you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

What Should You Look for?

Before you begin looking at specific models of electric fireplaces, you should try to determine what the most important features are. This will help you get a good idea of what you need to prioritize when you finally do begin shopping. If appearances are important, you will need to think about if you want a realistic flame appearance or if you want something more contemporary and customizable. With the advances in technology, finding a customizable electric fireplace is easier than ever. You also need to think about exactly how much heat you need. These fireplaces do, in fact, produce heat but different models are going to produce that heat in different ways. There are even some fireplaces that are purely aesthetic, producing exactly no heat at all. You also need to think about the electrical requirements and how they might alter your electricity bill. Depending on which fireplace you chose, you might be in for quite a change in your monthly bills.

And finally, you need to decide what type of electric fireplace you want. There are only two main types of fireplace heaters so making a decision won’t be too difficult. There are the fan-forced coil heaters, which are the most common among fireplace heaters. Or, if you want to go down a more energy-efficient route, you could opt for the quartz infrared heater. These are far less popular but they can conserve a considerable amount of energy.

Choosing the fireplace that suits you depends on how well you can prioritize your own needs and pick one out that fits them all.

Choosing the Design of Your Fireplace

More often than not, the fireplace (no matter if its electric or traditional) is the centerpiece of a room. It is usually one of the focal points and much of the furniture is often situated around it. With so much focus being put on your electric fireplace, you will want to be absolutely certain that you are choosing one that fits in with your house. While figuring out dimensions and measurements is straightforward enough, trying to decide what you want the design to be can be much more difficult.

Some electric fireplaces are focused on providing an “authentic” experience where you can have a realistic-looking fire that produces heat for your house. These are often some of the simplest and most traditional of the electric fireplaces that you will come across. Other people might enjoy the more contemporary features such as multi-colored flames, patterns, and even designs to match the mood or the season outside. There are even some fireplaces that are “smart” with a built-in thermostat that can help you control the temperature of the entire room. These are often much more expensive, although you have many more features of the fireplace to work with. When you are picking out what type of electric fireplace you want, you will have to decide how you want your flames to look since this will surely be the center of the room during those cold winter nights.

Thinking About Heat and Electricity

Since your electric fireplace, well, runs on electricity rather than actual fire, you need to think about two different things. For one, you will need to think about just how much heat you need produced from the fireplace. This ties directly into the second thing that you need to think about, which is how much electricity is the fireplace going to use. Understandably, when you make the heater work harder, it is going to take up more electricity and result in more expensive bills.

When it comes to heat, you have a few different options. Of course, there are fireplaces that are purely aesthetic and produce no heat. There are fireplaces that can be operated with or without the heater running, which can be useful if you just want to feel the atmosphere of sitting by a fire during late summer nights. Other fireplaces are more sophisticated, coming with multiple heat settings (i.e., high, medium, and low) and even thermostats so that you can maintain a certain temperature in your room. In many ways, it is easier to think about these fireplaces as just fancy heaters since this is essentially what they are.

As for electrical use, it can vary wildly depending on the fireplace that you choose. Some fireplaces, if not most of them, can be plugged into your usual outlet. If you don’t want the appearance of a cord, you can easily find a way to work around this. The one thing you will need to make sure of is that the outlet you are plugging the fireplace into has a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse. This means that the breaker is not shared with any other outlets but controls only the one single outlet. Otherwise, you could trip the circuit breaker, which is a safety hazard that nobody wants to deal with.

Some models of fireplaces need to be hardwired into the house as the fireplace is part of the house itself. This can require a brand-new circuit breaker and new wiring. If this is the case with your electric fireplace, you need to contact an experienced electrician to handle the job for you. If you are planning to get a fireplace that is built into the house, you need to factor the time and hassle of an electrician appointment into the overall cost of the fireplace itself.

The Types of Electric Fireplaces

There are two main types of electric fireplaces that you can expect to come across during your search: fan-forced coil heaters and quartz Infrared heaters. Each fireplace has its benefits over another and one will be better suited to your house than the other will. There’s a chance that you might come across newer types of fireplaces, such as ceramic heaters. As technology improves, there will be many more kinds of heaters used in these fireplaces but it is always going to be crucial to get a good idea of the main types of heaters.

Fan-Forced Coil Heaters

Fan-forced coil heaters are the most popular of all heaters and are generally going to be what you come across. Just about all electric fireplaces are powered through these heaters, although there are some that aren’t. These heaters work by using a silent fan to blow air over heated coils. That same heated air comes out of a vent on the fireplace itself. More often than not, the vent will be located on the top, bottom, or front of the fireplace, depending on the manufacturer. If you choose to get this type of fireplace installed, you need to make sure that it is about three feet away from any combustible materials.

Because these are the most common, they will not cost any more or less than other models. In fact, they might even be cheaper than most other types of heating models. If you are looking for a conventional electric fireplace, then this is definitely the best way you should go. There’s a reason why this is the most common type of fireplace.

Quartz Infrared Heaters

On the other hand, some people might be more concerned about energy efficiency since these fireplaces work as a massive heater with some extra decorations. If you are concerned about saving energy, you might want to think about looking for quartz infrared heaters. There are not as common as other heaters but they are well worth their prices. For instance, these heaters can comfortably heat up a room that is about 1000 square feet, which is double the strength of a conventional fan-forced coil heater.

These heaters work by using infrared rays to warm the objects. This infrared heat is a more natural kind of heat that can more accurately mimic the heat that you would feel from a fireplace. Because of how efficiently quartz infrared heaters work, the average cost of operation is usually between 12 and 14 cents per hour, which is considerably cheaper than other heaters. These are all important features to pay attention to when you go on the hunt for a high-quality electric fireplace.


If you’re looking for an electric fireplace that can comfortably heat up or warm up a small room during the cool and chilly winter months, then you can’t go wrong with any of these best smallest electric fireplaces for 2020 that are listed and reviewed above. Even though these models are expensive, they are going to provide you with impressive performance together with beautiful aesthetics that blends well with any home decor. Being electric also means they are more environmentally friendly than their gas and wood burning fireplace counterparts.