Where To Buy Freon For Home AC Unit

If you don’t know where to buy Freon for home AC unit, then the following companies are your best option for finding refrigerant at reasonable prices. Most of these refrigerant distributors offer on-site services including delivering large quantities of refrigerant or recovery and reclamation. These services are intended for contractors and businesses that require high volumes of Freon.

If you need one or two cylinders of refrigerant for your window air conditioner, you may find suitable deals online. For companies that deal with refrigerant on a regular basis, including HVAC companies, here are your top 10 refrigerant distributors:

Where To Buy Freon For Home AC Unit

1.A-Gas Americas

A-Gas Americas is one of the largest companies on this list. They are owned by A-Gas, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom. A-Gas Americas was formed in 2012 after the merger of RemTec International and Coolgas. Currently, A-Gas Americas serves buyers throughout North America and Mexico.

A-Gas supplies a full range of industrial chemicals and refrigerants. They also claim to be the largest refrigerant recovery and reclamation company in the world. A-Gas Americas also has 13 regional locations to ensure that customers throughout the country receive quality service.

2.Altair Partners

Altair Partners was established in 1991. They originally imported industrial chemicals. However, as the company grew, they began offering a wider range of products including refrigerants. They also have a network of international partners to help provide quality products to customers in all parts of the world.

You can get any type of U.S.-approved refrigerant from Altair Partners, including R-22 and R-404a. Along with refrigerant deliveries, they offer a complete range of refrigerant management services including reclamation, recycling, refrigerant banking, and buyback programs.

3.Aspen Refrigerants

Aspen Refrigerants is a leading distributor that offers a complete range of refrigerants including R-22 for older units. They also provide a variety of services including on-site recovery and reclamation, flushing and dehydration, and 24-hour emergency services.

Aspen Refrigerants was previously known as Airgas Refrigerants before it was acquired by Hudson Technologies. Following this acquisition, Airgas became Aspen. The distributor continues to offer the same products and services out of their facilities in Long Island, NY and Atlanta, GA. However, they operate nationwide and can deliver to any location in the United States.

Aspen (Airgas) Refrigerants has over ten years of experience as a refrigerant distributor. Along with refrigerant for AC systems, they regularly deliver to industrial and medical facilities.

4.Hudson Technologies

Hudson Technologies is one of the biggest refrigerant distributors in the US. They are also innovators in the refrigerator gas industry. Hudson Technologies has developed many patents and is currently the largest refrigerant reclamation company in the nation.

Hudson Technologies is also the company that acquired Airgas Refrigerants. This is just one of many acquisitions that have helped Hudson Technologies become a top distributor. They also offer lifecycle management services for refrigerants, including reclamation, recovery, and disposal.

5.Johnstone Supply

Johnstone Supply was established in 1953, making it one of the oldest distributors in the United States. Most HVAC contractors are familiar with Johnstone Supply. Along with refrigerants, this distributor offers all types of HVAC supplies including accessories and parts for most AC systems.

If you live in a remote region, you should not have any problem coordinating a delivery from Johnstone Supply. They operate multiple stores in every state along with distribution centers in Oregon, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Texas.

6.Lenz Distributors

Lenz Distributors has nearly 20 years of experience distributing refrigerant. They are a major distributor, selling several million pounds each year. Lenz Distributors is based in Jacksonville, Illinois and serves the entire country. They can deliver refrigerant within one to two days to almost any location in the United States.

Lenz Distributors also claims to have the lowest prices for R-1234YF along with competitive pricing for most varieties of refrigerant. They should not be confused with Lenz Inc, which is a leading distributor of automotive parts.

7.Refrigerant Depot

Refrigerant Depot was established in 1995 with the name Automart Wholesale. While they are based in Orlando, FL, Refrigerant Depot supplies customers throughout the nation. The same as the other distributors on this list, all the refrigerant products that they distribute are manufactured in the United States.

While Refrigerant Depot primarily serves commercial and industrial customers, they also distribute to residential customers throughout the United States. You can purchase individual cylinders directly from their website or contact the company for wholesale purchases.

8.Refrigerants Inc

Established in 1997, Refrigerants Inc serves customers throughout the United States. They operate three facilities located in Omaha, Denver, and Chicago. With most orders, they can accommodate same-day or next-day delivery.

You can also rely on Refrigerants Inc for any of your refrigerant management needs. They offer buy-back programs, on-site recovery, reclamation, refrigerant banking, cylinder testing, cylinder exchange, and scheduled deliveries.


TulStar is one of the older companies on this list, established in 1986. They have become an industry leader in the sale of refrigerants and industrial chemicals, working with partners in 31 countries. While they source their refrigerant from these worldwide partners, they only offer the highest-quality products.

TulStar is also available to handle your warehousing needs. If you need to store refrigerant, they can provide reliable storage solutions at reasonable prices.

10.Weitron Inc

Weitron Inc was established in 1992. The company is based in Maryland and they operate across the globe. While they are a worldwide refrigerant distributor, they are focused on delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality refrigerant products.

Weitron Inc is a complete refrigerant management company. They offer reclamation, recovery, and deliveries. Weitron Inc also offers residential services including the sale of individual cylinders of refrigerant. Whether you need a one-pound cylinder or a 2,000-pound cylinder, Weitron Inc can meet your needs.

Top Factors to Consider When Buying Freon

When contacting a distributor, there are several important details that you should know in advance. The top factors to consider when buying refrigerant from a distributor include:

  • The type of refrigerant
  • The amount that you need
  • The time of the year

Before exploring these details, you should understand that Freon is a brand name. Kleenex is synonymous with tissue paper as Freon is synonymous with refrigerant.

The Freon name was created for the first refrigerant manufactured and sold by the DuPont company. The R-12 refrigerant was the most-used refrigerant until it was replaced by R-22. Both products remained popular until they were found to be unsafe.

While the Freon brand is no longer used, people still refer to refrigerant as Freon. The two names are used interchangeably. Most distributors should know that you mean refrigerant when you say Freon.

What Type of Refrigerant Should You Get?

Before ordering refrigerant from a distributor, you should determine if you require R-410A or R-22. Since 2010, the most used refrigerant is R-410A. It is the direct successor to R-22 after R-12 and R-22 were deemed unsafe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, if the AC systems that you are servicing were made before 2010, they may use R-22.

While air conditioners stopped using R-22 in 2010, R-22 is still manufactured and sold in the United States to service older units.

Keep in mind that these two types of refrigerant are not interchangeable. You cannot use R-410A in a unit that was made for R-22.

The main advantage of R-410A compared to R-22 is that it is more environmentally friendly. R-22 is known to contribute to ozone depletion. Due to the harmful characteristics of R-22, it is still being phased out. AC systems stopped using R-22 in 2010 and production of this Freon will stop by 2020.

How Much Freon Do You Need?

The next consideration is the amount of refrigerant that you need. If you are buying wholesale, you can use any of the distributors discussed. However, residential customers have limited options. Only a couple of the distributors sell individual one- to ten-pound cylinders.

Most refrigerant distributors tailor their services to commercial and industrial customers. The typical customers include small to large-sized HVAC companies, automotive shops, and dealerships. These customers often purchase one or more pallets of the refrigerant at a time.

When ordering pallets, you are more likely to find lower rates. With individual cylinders, distributors do not have the incentive to offer discounts. However, bulk ordering helps give the buyer more room to negotiate.

Along with the amount of refrigerant, you should consider how often you need deliveries. If you require a consistently scheduled delivery, distributors often offer lower rates.

Besides the price difference, there are additional differences between individual sales and wholesale buying. These differences include the need for certifications and the cost of shipping.

When ordering wholesale, buyers need to have the necessary EPA-approved certification. If you are ordering refrigerant for AC units, you will likely need the EPA 608 certification.

Shipping is another important consideration based on the amount of refrigerant that you require. When ordering a small volume of refrigerant, you will likely need to pay for shipping. This can increase the cost per pound for refrigerant.

Refrigerant distributors rarely cover the cost of shipping for residential customers and businesses ordering a limited quantity. If you want freight and shipping to be covered by the distributor, you may need to order several pallets. However, this does not always eliminate the shipping costs.

Some of the leading distributors do not cover freight unless you require a trailer of refrigerant. A trailer load typically contains 20 pallets of refrigerant. With each pallet containing 40 cylinders, you may need to order 800 cylinders, depending on the size of the cylinders.

What Is the Best Season for Buying Freon?

The time of the year that you buy refrigerant may affect the price. As with oil prices, the prices of refrigerant can vary throughout the year. While there are many factors that influence the current price, demand is the biggest consideration.

During the warmer months, AC systems receive more use and require more servicing. These issues increase the demand for the refrigerant for both home AC systems and industrial AC units. Due to the increased demand, the prices for R-410A and R-22 begin to increase rapidly.

Basically, if you wait until summer to order refrigerant, you are going to pay more. This applies to both residential and commercial customers.

The prices tend to peak during the warmest periods of the summer. Toward the end of July and the beginning of August, you will find the highest prices. As the temperatures cool in September, the demand and the prices start to decrease.

During the fall season, the refrigerant prices continue to drop, reaching a low point in the middle of winter. Typically, the cheapest prices for refrigerant are available in late December and early January.

The prices then begin to slowly increase through the end of winter and through the spring. Starting in February, you can expect a gradual rise in the average cost of refrigerant. In February, the major HVAC companies and suppliers begin ordering trailer loads of refrigerant to prepare for the summer.

The big orders placed by the biggest HVAC companies begin to decrease in late March. During the spring season, prices may stabilize. However, they will not reach the low point of the winter. In fact, within a couple of months, they will start to inch toward their peak price in the middle of summer.

Last Thoughts on Buying Refrigerant for AC Systems

If you work for an HVAC company or an industry that relies on industrial AC systems, you likely need regular deliveries of Freon. While you may have a local distributor or supplier that you can contact, the ten distributors listed offer the best rates for the highest-quality refrigerant.

Remember to consider the type and amount of refrigerant that you need before ordering. If you require multiple pallets, some distributors may be willing to negotiate a lower rate, especially if you need regular deliveries. However, the best cost savings come when you need a trailer load of refrigerant.

You should also consider ordering the bulk of your refrigerant during the winter. By reviewing your refrigerant orders through the year, you can estimate your needs for each quarter. Using these estimates, you can start ordering in the winter in anticipation of the busy summer season.