How To Set A Water Softener (Timer Or Hardness Level)

how to set a water softener

Do you know how to set a water softener timer or hardness level? If not, then this guide will help you set your water softener correctly. Are your sinks constantly riddled with unappealing stains and marks? Does your skin feel dry and itchy after every time you take a shower? If so, the most likely … Read more

How Long Do Dehumidifiers Last? (Find Out!)

how long do dehumidifiers last

How long do dehumidifiers really last? Whether you just bought a dehumidifier or you have had one for a few years, here is a guide to how to take care of it and how long you can expect it to last. Dehumidifiers may be an investment item but they are convenient and almost a necessity … Read more

Can You Drink Deionized Water? (Is It Safe?)

can you drink deionized water

Can you drink deionized water? Few things are simultaneously as simple yet complex as drinking water. On the one hand, we all need clean drinking water. On the other hand, achieving that degree of cleanliness is easier said than done, and there are different degrees to which it can be done at that. It is … Read more

Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifier For Cough?

warm or cool mist humidifier for cough

Should you use a warm or cool mist humidifier for cough and what is the best humidifier for coughing at night? If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, then you likely want to do what you can to help yourself get better. Getting over a cold can take time, and it can be very … Read more

How Long Does A Furnace Last? (Life Expectancy)

how long does a furnace last

Just how long does a furnace last? Gas furnaces are essential in many parts of the country where it can get very cold. In fact, they are a feature of most homes in areas like this. That being said, do you know how old your furnace is? Do you have any idea how long it … Read more

Minimum SEER Rating 2019 (What SEER To Buy?)

minimum seer rating

What is the minimum seer rating to buy in 2019? All of us should be mindful of just how much electrical energy we use. In the typical home, it’s the air conditioner that tends to use more energy than just about anything else over a typical hot summer. As we struggle to come to grips … Read more

What Does Mold Look Like In A House?

what does mold look like in a house

What does mold look like in a house? In recent years, the topic of mold seems to be on everyone’s mind. This is because many more people have become aware of the health hazards that many molds represent. Of course, it’s also important to note that not all molds are dangerous. Despite this fact, it’s … Read more

What Does Mold Smell Like In A House?

what does mold smell like in a house

What does mold smell like in a house? No one likes to think about mold but it’s something that you need to be aware of, especially if you own a home. The thing about mold is that it can go undetected for months at a time. This is because it can start out very small … Read more

How To Test For Mold In House (Do It Yourself Guide)

how to test for mold in house

If you don’t know how to test for mold in your house, then this guide is exactly what you need to be able to test, detect and hopefully get rid of mold in your house. Even though you may not see it, mold can be in nearly any part of your home, and it is … Read more

How To Reset A Honeywell Thermostat

how to reset a honeywell thermostat

Do you know how to reset a Honeywell thermostat? Honeywell is one of the largest American companies that manufactures commercial and consumer products, aerospace systems and offers a range of engineering services. The company has a wide range of products on offer, including thermostats, smart home devices, and security devices. It is one of the … Read more