Is A Humidifier Good For Asthma?

is a humidifier good for asthma

Is a humidifier good for asthma if you suffer from this common respiratory condition? Millions of people all across the country suffer from a relatively common condition that is known as asthma. Asthma is a condition where your airways can become inflamed, swell, and produce excess mucus at the slightest trigger. This makes it far … Read more

Can You Drink Water From A Dehumidifier?

Can you drink water from a dehumidifier? You see, from a very young age, most people are taught that they should never put things in their mouths as there is no telling where something a toddler has picked up was before that moment. As people grow older, that rule switches from not putting anything but … Read more

Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water? (Reasons & Solutions)

dehumidifier not collecting water

The main purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove excessive moisture from the air so as to help create a comfortable environment for people to thrive in while ensuring mold and mildew don’t have a conducive environment to thrive in. So what do you do when you discover your dehumidifier is not collecting water as … Read more

Humidifiers Vs Dehumidifiers (What Are The Differences?)

humidifiers vs dehumidifiers

In this guide we are going to do a comparison between humidifiers vs dehumidifiers and find out their major differences and in which situation you should pick one over the other. Many people go through their lives not knowing as much as they should about certain things. This is because asking questions is sometimes discouraged, … Read more

Disadvantages Of A Dehumidifier

disadvantages of a dehumidifier

What are the disadvantages of a dehumidifier? To understand how a dehumidifier can benefit or detract you from using it, you need to know how this type of device works. This type of device is used to reduce the moisture level of your home. Therefore, it is often purchased by people who suffer from allergies … Read more

Can You Use Tap Water In A Humidifier?

can you use tap water in a humidifier

Can you use tap water in a humidifier? This is a question that crosses the mind of almost everyone who is using a humidifier for the very first time. Humidifiers can be very useful in climates where there is low humidity. These devices function by adding moisture back into the air and making it more … Read more

How Much Electricity Does A Dehumidifier Use?

how much electricity does a dehumidifier use

If you’re using a dehumidifier in your house, I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered just how much energy your dehumidifier uses to get rid of high humidity in your house. So the question then becomes, how much electricity does a dehumidifier use? Energy consumption is something that people are starting to become more concerned … Read more

When To Use A Dehumidifier Winter Or Summer?

when to use a dehumidifier winter or summer

It is important to make sure that you are breathing in air that is good for your body. Some people have respiratory issues that give them more complications than the average person. Harsh, cold air can really have a negative impact on some people whereas others do worse in more humid environments. Most people can … Read more

What Should The Humidity Be In A House?

what should the humidity be in a house

What should the humidity be in a house? Humidity is something that you need to be able to pay close attention to. Everyone wants their home to be as comfortable as it can possibly be. Often times, how comfortable your home is going to feel will be determined by whether it is too humid or … Read more

What Causes High Humidity In A House?

what causes high humidity in a house

What causes high humidity in a house? It’s safe to say that there are few things more important to one’s home than making sure that you feel comfortable within it. After all, a home is a massive investment. This has always been the case, but now with mortgages skyrocketing and wages stagnating, the choice to … Read more